“The most exciting phrase to hear in science,
the one
that heralds new discoveries,
is not ‘Eureka!’ but
‘That’s funny…”

Isaac Asimov


Creep of CarbFix basalt: influence of rock–fluid interaction

“New paper from our lab lead by Tiange on “Creep of CarbFix basalts: influence of rock-fluid interaction” got recently published in Solid Earth. Our laboratory experiments were investigating the effects of fluids of varying composition on the brittle creep behavior of basalts from the CarbFix site in Iceland. The ever-increasing concentration of CO2 in the …

New paper on nanometric flow and the earthquake instability

Hongyu’s & Matej’s paper on “Nanometric flow and the earthquake instability” was just published in Nature Communications. Our laboratory experiments reveal that extremely fine-grained crystals produced during fault movement can lead to earthquake instability, offering hints at understanding a potential universal earthquake nucleation process.  Read more details in a MIT News story about the article.


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